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Are You Meeting the Trifecta of Healthy Living?

As you know I am always on the lookout for information on healthy living, so when Jessica Socheski wanted to provide some information for me and my readers, well the answer just had to be yes! So, check it out and see, are you meeting the trifecta of healthy living?

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is on a mission to lead a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, that falls to the wayside when there is so much chaos going on in day to day life. A simple routine seems unattainable in the midst of a hectic schedule. Juggling work, school, kids, activities, etc., tends to get in the way of making healthy choices on a day to day basis. If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, there is really only three things that you need to do to achieve it, and I like to call this the trifecta of health.

1. Eating Healthy

We all know that good nutrition is an important aspect of being healthy. However, when you lead a busy day to day life, quick and simple is always easier. With fast food joints on every corner, it is simpler to just grab food quick. Being conscious of what you eat is tough, but starting off slow and making small changes to your eating habits will take you miles in the long run. Here are a couple tips to get you started:

  • Keep a stash of healthy snacks everywhere. (Car, desk, cabinets, etc.) When you are feeling hungry just reach for one of those.
  • Try going one week without buying junk food.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Have healthy meals delivered to you.

You do not need to go on a big diet. Just continue to make minor changes to the type of food you eat. Soon, eating healthy will be natural.

2. Exercise

Exercise, exercise, exercise! The thought of having to go to the gym might terrify you, but exercise does not necessarily have to involve just that. All you need is one hour of rigorous activity a day. Go for a power walk through a park or around your neighbourhood. If you have children, take them to a park and run around with them for an hour. Anything outdoors will get a person moving and one hour of this per day will create a much healthier you.

3. Routine Doctor Visits

One of the biggest faults most of us make is not going to see our doctor on a regular basis. There are a number of reasons that can attribute to this. Finances, healthcare, or plain fear of the doctor are a few of the common excuses that top the list of why your doctor might not be seen on a regular basis. However, routine check up’s are important when it comes to being proactive in your health. If your employer offers corporate wellness plans, you should start having routine check ups with your doctor. Visiting your doctor regularly is also essential to catching any possible health issue at an early stage.

Eating healthy, exercising, and routine doctor visits create the trifecta in a healthy lifestyle. Take small steps when transitioning into your healthy life. If you take on too much too quickly you can overwhelm yourself. Eating healthier, becoming more active, and scheduling more regular check ups are essential to a healthier you. Just take small steps to these three things in your daily life and you are on your way to healthy living.

Essential Exercises for A Good Body Shape

Body Shape

In today’s world, who does not want to look good with a sharp jawline and an over the top ripped muscle tone body? While for some, this comes along with their genetics due to their family background and genes, others definitely have to put in a lot of effort to achieve this look.

While the primary way to get a good body shape is by eating the right food, along with it regularly exercising in the right manner can help bring the changes much much sooner. Generally, people love hitting the gym to achieve such a body, but one thing they lack to understand is that not all the exercises they perform contribute towards them getting a good body shape. There are various exercises and the regular implementation depends on the type of body one wants. Thus the following are the essential exercises you must follow every day if you are looking to get a good body shape quickly.

The Dumbbell Incline Curl

While the section of biceps is divided into various segments within a human body, if one is aiming to get a good shape, there is nothing better than the dumbbell incline curl. The exercise not just targets the visible portion of the biceps in a significant way but also contributes to the outer section of the biceps. The motion of the hand during this workout, unlike others, covers a wider range, which is one of the reasons why it’s the ideal workout one must choose.

The Crossover Pull

The chest of a human body is one such muscle which if one does not concentrate while working out, can have adverse to no effect on it. The crossover pull is one among the very few workouts which actually stretches the entire chest muscle while doing it, thus creating a more significant impact on it. While doing this workout the motion of the hand to the chest is one of the major things which must be kept in mind as even a slight error can lead to another section of the body feeling the pressure of the weights placed.

Half-Kneeling Rotational Cable Chop

If a stronger core is what you want, then there is probably nothing better than the Half-Kneeling rotational cable chop. One of the main positive aspects about this exercise is that it trains the core for the sole reason it’s designed to do, which is to provide stability and distribute power across multiple motions.

The Single Arm Bottom Up Press

crossover pull

This is one such exercise which can be extremely useful if one chooses to perform this with the use of Kettlebell. The weight of a kettlebell not just helps in building shoulder stability but also plays a significant role is tightening the forearms as well as the thigh muscles due to the motion of the exercise.

The T-Bar

The T-Bar is one of the essential workouts which one mustn’t miss if they wish to get a perfect back with toned muscles. While the deadlift is considered an excellent workout for back too but as it’s more of an all-around exercise; thus, people do not always prefer performing it. The regular to-and-fro motion against and towards gravity helps to contract and expand each and every muscle, thus assuring an evenly toned back.

Barbell Hip Thrust

This is one such workout which every person who works out in the gym must know about. The main reason why this workout is extremely effective is because it activates a person’s glutes in a much better way than any other exercise does, as it keeps them constantly under tension during the entire lift.

Most Effective Diet Regimes

Diet Regimes

If there is one thing which is never going to come to an end anytime soon and will only grow its popularity in the future, then its the use of diet to get into a better shape. As many people want to be fit, it is not always easy to get that desired body shape quickly without any drawbacks, and this is where the role of diet comes into place.

Diet or dieting is the simple process of cutting down the intake of food solubles or eating only a specific amount of food to lose weight. The primary goal of dieting is to lose weight, but as this is one such effective form of regime, it also brings along various health benefits with it. Thus without any more delay, the following are the most effective forms of diet regimes in the world which you can start from today to get healthier internally as well as externally.

Atkins Diet

Atkins diet or The Atkins nutritional approach primarily focuses on controlling the insulin level in a body using a low-carbohydrate diet.  Usually, if a person consumes a ton of refined carbohydrates their insulin level rapidly rises and falls which triggers the body to store energy from every food which is consumed, thus making it less likely that the body would use stored fat as an energy source. The people on this form of diet are generally told to avoid carbohydrates as much as they want, but the intake of protein and fat in a large amount is always welcomed.

Ketogenic Diet

Among all the diet regimes on this list, this is one of the most common forms of dieting plan which is used by people from all across the world. This form of diet is also commonly used for the treatment of epilepsy. The diet essentially involves reducing the intake of carbohydrates and increasing the fat intake, as the fat which is stored in the body is then used as a fuel, thus preserving the carbohydrates. The diet mainly contains healthy fats like coconuts, avocado, Brazil nuts, seeds and olive oil. The diet is not suitable for people who have diabetes as this may lead to several complications and even death at times.

weight loss

Weight Watchers Diet

The weight watchers diet was started all the way initially back in the 1960s by a woman who wanted to promote the health benefits of losing weight. It has since then become a huge company now and now there are even several branches of Weight Watchers which can be found all around the world. This form of dieting focuses primarily on losing weight through regular exercise, diet and support network who are always there to encourage one another. People interested in this form of dieting can even join the support group online and take their first towards a healthy life.

Raw Food Diet

If you are on the lookout for a diet which can help clean your body naturally without any form of chemical-based supplement or dietary sources, then this type of diet is perfect for you. The raw food diet or commonly known as raw foodism, involves only consuming drinks and food supplies which are not processed. They are ideally organic and extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. The four types of raw foodists are raw vegetarians, raw omnivores, raw vegans and raw carnivores. The people who consume this type of food believe that at least three-quarters of any person’s diet must consist of uncooked food.

Zone Diet

The Zone diet as the name says is divided into segments of nutritional balance of 30 percent protein along with 30 percent fat and 40 percent carbohydrates in every meal. This form of diet helps control the insulin level in a person’s body, which in turn helps in reducing weight in a significant way. Consumption of high-quality carbohydrates such as olive oil, nuts and avocados is highly encouraged during this form of diet.

Myths About Fitness

fitness myths

In the world, if there is something which is contributing towards the wellness of human life, then there is a possibility that it has a certain myth attached to it. While parents tell lies and create myths to protect their young ones, as an adult if you believe these myths blindly even without even a shred of evidence, then it’s high time for you to get in touch with reality.

When spoken about “Fitness” in specific, there are a ton of myths which surround it all the way from supplements to the type of exercise and even if fitness is vital. While most of them are created by the ordinary person to scare one another, there are a few common ones which seem to take their place throughout the world. Thus after a ton of research and fact checks, the following are the most common myths about fitness which need to be put to an end.

Consume only egg whites


For as long as one can remember, egg yolks have been the poster of all that is bad for health due to the amount of cholesterol present in them. And for the regular gymmer, they are precisely the same as how kryptonite is for Superman. The truth of the matter, in fact, is that egg yolks are only harmful is they are consumed after being fried in butter or if they are served with any other food sources which is unhealthy for health. In a recent study which was conducted, it was found that egg yolk is extremely beneficial for health as it helps reduce LDL, which is a form of bad cholesterol in the human body.

Consuming shakes promotes weight loss

While shakes are incredibly healthy for the human body, the consumption of them which helps in the reduction of weight loss is a complete myth. As shakes are generally a mixture of protein, sugar and vitamins, they help develop the body rather than actually reducing fat or muscle mass. They aren’t completely bad for the human body but choosing an alternative such as whole food which is rich in fibre and is a much viable option if one is keen on losing weight.

Empty stomach burns more fat

This is one among the top myths which in today’s world is responsible for a ton of health problems which is being faced by people. Although there is the fat soluble in the body can be tapped to be used while working out which may make it lesser, but the truth about this fact is that, is that more than fat its the muscle which gets tapped for performing exercises which eventually ends up making a person much more skinner. This myth not just affects muscle growth but is also responsible for digestion and many other internal health-related issues.

Exercising is an easy way of getting rid of bad habits

One of the essential aspects which many people fail to understand is that choosing a good habit will not suddenly cure their bad habits. This is extremely common among people who work out as they think exercising regularly will help them be less prone to junk or unhealthy food, but the truth is that this all depends on the mental factor of a person. If it is true that exercising is an alternative to getting rid of bad habits, places like rehabilitation centres would cease to exist.

Fat can be targeted in a specific area

While fat is one of the main issues for most people who want to get fitter, targeting fat in a specific area is like taking out one section of the water from a swimming pool. Sure the quantity of water might reduce, but the other section of the water will just spread itself evenly and cover up the removed area again. Thus, while working out, it is essential to divide the body into segments as this will not just allow you to target all the areas equally but will also show you the changes being made periodically.




Positive Effects Of Parkour On Fitness

Parkour On Fitness

In the world which is predominated by gyms, not all have the luxury to afford them and get good fitness on a daily basis. While the word fitness is almost present on every single person’s mind, not all have the time to actually hit the gym on a regular basis and get a good workout and this is where Parkour plays a significant role.

Parkour is the act of moving swiftly through an area; generally, it being an urban environment by tackling obstacles without stopping to think. Parkour, unlike any other exercise, has evolved through time with the newer generation making it much more challenging and risky, but all in all, if a person is searching for a full body workout without wanting to spend their hard earned money in a gym, then practising parkour is the best alternative they can choose. While there are many myths which surround parkour exercises, unless one knows exactly what they are doing there is nothing risky about it and even if the positive aspects of it are weighed along with the negative, The positive aspects beat it by a mile. If you still don’t believe that parkour is the best alternative to gymming, then the following are the positive aspects of parkour which are going to change your mind.

Builds Core Strength

Builds Core Strength

The core is the midsection of any human body and the strength of it all depends on its constant stretch and contraction. The muscles located at the core is extremely essential to a human body as they are the ones which help a person turn, twist, bend and perform various other activities. As Parkour exercise is all about the movement and jumping up and down; thus, this contributes towards a stronger core in a significant way.

Complete Body Workout

Parkour, unlike the exercises which are performed in a gym which only affect one single muscle during a workout, affects all the muscles of a human body at the same time. The constant jumps, latching onto surfaces, tucks and rolls working together to land the perfect move all require various muscles of the body working simultaneously and this is one of the main reasons why it can be the best alternative one can choose if they feel paying for a gym is simply a waste of their financial resources.

Improves Cardiovascular Limit

In today’s world, due to the easy access to almost everything humans have become lazy and this laziness is one of the leading cause for them to have a weak heart. Performing parkour on a regular basis not just helps to keep the joints and muscles of the human body in good shape but the constant breathing required during this form of exercise also contributed majorly toward a healthy heart due to the increased intake of oxygen within the body.

Enhances Various Skills

On Fitness

Fitness in terms of a healthy body does not only include a person’s physique, but it also includes their mental health and this is where parkour has another significant role to play. Along with enhancing various aspects of a person’s human body, parkour also helps improve cognitive thinking within a person. Quick judgements, sudden moves and the perfect movement of the hands and legs can all be achieved by merely performing parkour regularly.

Stronger Bones

One of the essential aspects when it comes to parkour is the amount of impact it causes on a person’s bones. While the myth is that performing parkour leads to weak bones, the truth about it is that the regular impact which the bones gets during performing parkour only helps them to get stronger by the hit.

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