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I have accepted the challenge laid down by the Singular Insanity blog – to write 30 positive qualities about yourself.

Good God it’s hard!! As you are well aware by now I don’t have the confidence of Miranda Kerr, nor unfortunately do I look like her, but I didn’t really expect it to be quite this hard.

Now as a blog post, you may not be overly interested in my personal 30. However, some of these may kickstart your own list of 30 positive qualities about yourself, and well, that is the point of the whole challenge – to get you to look at yourself and find those fabulous qualities that others can see that you may have missed.

Ok, here goes….


1. I am fiercely loyal

Bugger!  First stumbling block. I honestly thought I’d at least get past 5 before I stalled!


2.I am doing a great job of raising my son

3. I treat others with respect

4. I have lost 16kg since the diagnosis of my food intolerances

5. I endured the elimination diet for a full 9 months (to determine my intolerances)

Alright, I am stumbling again. And…….2 hours later we are back!


6. I make a really mean sandwich

7. I love deeply

8. My neck is long and elegant

9. I genuinely care for others

Oh, dear God another 21 to go. Walk away and come back.


10. I survived Depression

11. I am great at running our household

Just thrown a Gin and Tonic into the mix and still NOTHING!


Now, I have to admit to cheating and asking my husband and Facebook friends for some help. Finally we get on a bit of a roll:

12. I am great at scheduling

13. I am an obsessive researcher when an answer is required

14. I am a sensitive soul

15. I am good with money and budgeting

16. I do not buy senseless crap

17. I am an organiser

18. I am good at dancing

19. I like eclectic music and am quite knowledgeable on the subject

20. I am a good communicator

21. I am quite adept at proof reading

22. I am fun to be with

23. I am a good typist

Ok, so the last one is scraping the barrel, but with only 7 to go, I am keeping it :)


Cheating again, I went on a hunt around my house to discover an envelope with notes in it from a previous workplace. We were asked to write an anonymous note about our co-workers. These are the ones I liked:

24. I love life

25. I have a gentle and warm nature

26. I am friendly

27. I am down to earth

28. I have a way that enables difficult situations to be resolved

29. I have a fun personality

30. I give good common sense advice


So, overall this challenge took me all of 5 days to complete. I’m not exactly sure what this says about me – I’m committed and tenacious hopefully :)

Anyway, it was a worthwhile exercise. I am a pretty talented person with at least 30 positive qualities. Not a bad way to think about myself, not a bad way indeed.

Let me know how you went with your 30. Was it as hard for you as it was for me?