In the world, if there is something which is contributing towards the wellness of human life, then there is a possibility that it has a certain myth attached to it. While parents tell lies and create myths to protect their young ones, as an adult if you believe these myths blindly even without even a shred of evidence, then it’s high time for you to get in touch with reality.

When spoken about “Fitness” in specific, there are a ton of myths which surround it all the way from supplements to the type of exercise and even if fitness is vital. While most of them are created by the ordinary person to scare one another, there are a few common ones which seem to take their place throughout the world. Thus after a ton of research and fact checks, the following are the most common myths about fitness which need to be put to an end.

Consume only egg whites


For as long as one can remember, egg yolks have been the poster of all that is bad for health due to the amount of cholesterol present in them. And for the regular gymmer, they are precisely the same as how kryptonite is for Superman. The truth of the matter, in fact, is that egg yolks are only harmful is they are consumed after being fried in butter or if they are served with any other food sources which is unhealthy for health. In a recent study which was conducted, it was found that egg yolk is extremely beneficial for health as it helps reduce LDL, which is a form of bad cholesterol in the human body.

Consuming shakes promotes weight loss

While shakes are incredibly healthy for the human body, the consumption of them which helps in the reduction of weight loss is a complete myth. As shakes are generally a mixture of protein, sugar and vitamins, they help develop the body rather than actually reducing fat or muscle mass. They aren’t completely bad for the human body but choosing an alternative such as whole food which is rich in fibre and is a much viable option if one is keen on losing weight.

Empty stomach burns more fat

This is one among the top myths which in today’s world is responsible for a ton of health problems which is being faced by people. Although there is the fat soluble in the body can be tapped to be used while working out which may make it lesser, but the truth about this fact is that, is that more than fat its the muscle which gets tapped for performing exercises which eventually ends up making a person much more skinner. This myth not just affects muscle growth but is also responsible for digestion and many other internal health-related issues.

Exercising is an easy way of getting rid of bad habits

One of the essential aspects which many people fail to understand is that choosing a good habit will not suddenly cure their bad habits. This is extremely common among people who work out as they think exercising regularly will help them be less prone to junk or unhealthy food, but the truth is that this all depends on the mental factor of a person. If it is true that exercising is an alternative to getting rid of bad habits, places like rehabilitation centres would cease to exist.

Fat can be targeted in a specific area

While fat is one of the main issues for most people who want to get fitter, targeting fat in a specific area is like taking out one section of the water from a swimming pool. Sure the quantity of water might reduce, but the other section of the water will just spread itself evenly and cover up the removed area again. Thus, while working out, it is essential to divide the body into segments as this will not just allow you to target all the areas equally but will also show you the changes being made periodically.