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I read a post on Facebook a while ago that asked the question “what do you do to fill your bucket?“. I had never heard this expression before and it got me thinking….what do I do to fill my bucket?

When I was sick all the time and even now when the dreaded food chemical intolerances or allergies strike, I do feel like my bucket has been depleted. I don’t wake up brimming with energy, I struggle to do the most basic tasks and I feel flat and drained, unmotivated and often sad.

So to combat these responses, I guess I had to create a number of strategies to fill that depleted bucket.  Here are a few I reach for when the need is there….

1. Wake up each morning and go through your gratitude list

Sometimes it is hard to see the sun through the clouds, but by collating a list in your head, you may just find a few rays of sunshine burst through that heavy cloud coverage.

2. Research

Oddly enough, this is my go to place. I spent about 80% of my waking hours researching anything I could find to figure out what was wrong with me when I was ill for those 10 or so years. Apart from the internet diagnosing me with every disease under the sun, there was something therapeutic and empowering in searching for my own “cure”. These days, it helps to look for alternative answers, because the “sickness” is not fully under control and it helps to know that I am still striving towards sensational :)

3. Alcohol….No I am not talking about getting shit faced!

I am talking about having a refreshing Gin & Tonic on a beautiful summers day. I am talking about a beautiful red wine on a cold winters night. I am talking about something comforting and warming to the soul.

4. Indulge in luxury

Your luxury may be different to mine. It could be a relaxing bath, eating out, doing the 5 Star ‘thang’ or floating around in a pool. Whatever floats your boat, schedule it, do it, allow yourself.

5. Cut yourself some slack

Personally, I have discovered that my worst days are Mondays. It makes sense that over the weekend when you are out in the world with your allergens, or eating someone else’s food that the highest risk will be at that time. To combat this, I schedule very little on a Monday…that way if I do the bare minimum I hopefully will not hit myself across the face very often (this can be very painful if you are experiencing major sinus ‘aching face’ or a migraine, so it is to be avoided at all costs :) )

Other basic bucket fillers include taking time to stop. Remind yourself of the good and don’t dwell on the bad. Do something “naughty” and pat yourself on the back for it!

What do you do to fill your bucket?

Till next time….