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The challenge is set, the request is clear, would you dare asking your readers on your blog what they want to know about you?

I am one of those people who automatically think – who would care to know more about me? That was until I read a blog post by Rita from The Crafty Expat and realised, that I indeed was interested in her answers, so maybe others would be interested in mine. Who knows, I may find out more about what you are interested in for future blogs or it could send me on a path to self discovery. Either way, it could be a hoot and I am not one to turn down a play date!

Rita mentioned the reason she decided to do this was because she had questions going through her mind whilst reading blogs. Those questions were not necessarily related to any post but more specific to the blogger. I can relate to this, so I have decided to play and would like to take the opportunity to ask you guys about yourselves should you wish to play along too.

Anyway, enough guff! Ask away – what is it that you, my readers, would like to know about me?

The rules are simple: It can be anything you want to ask me, no restrictions.  Be creative and imaginative!  And, in a future post (presumably the one following this), I will answer 10 of these questions.

So, fire away!

Till next time….


Ps. Don’t forget that I am an anxiety riddled neurotic, who is perpetually on a diet (not through choice), so please don’t leave me hanging :)